Breast Reduction Surgery -Do you know your options?

Women with large breasts know how uncomfortable they can be. Symptoms such as neck ache and backache are common. Many women with large breasts find it difficult to find appropriate clothes to fit and tend to wear loose tops in order to conceal their excessively large bust.

Breast reduction is one of the commonest plastic surgery operations and one of the procedures that has the greatest patient satisfaction.  It truly can be “life changing” for many women.  At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery we have performed over 1000 breast reduction operations over the years.  As our focus is always on the safety and wellbeing of our patients, we are careful in our choice of procedure. Often the operation can be done as a Day Case so that you are able to recover in the safety and comfort of your own home.  Of course all our patients are seen for follow-up the next morning and we have a comprehensive program to minimise any scars.

The aim of a breast reduction is not only to reduce the size of the breasts but also often, to reduce the size of the areolar and to lift the nipple areolar complex.  So usually the operation is a combination of breast reduction and breast lift.

The design of the procedure must take into account the possibility, especially for young women, that they will desire to breast feed in the future.  Therefore often the preferred technique is to move the nipple upwards on a base of underlying breast tissue.

This means that the nipple is still attached to the breast so that nipple sensation is retained and breast feeding is possible.

In some cases, for extremely saggy breasts, then this procedure may not produce an optimum result. On occasion, a procedure known as a “Free Nipple Graft” is performed where the nipples is moved independently of the breast tissue.  Although breast feeding is not possible after this procedure, for extremely saggy breasts a better reduction and a better shape can be obtained.

Recently one of our senior surgeons (Dr. Carmen Munteanu) visited a well-known breast surgeon who practices in the remote town of Banff in Canada.  Her name is Elizabeth Hall-Findley. She has developed the so-called “vertical technique” for breast reduction.  This technique is designed to eliminate, or at least minimise,the submammary scar. This refers to the scar that is usually situated in the fold under the breasts. Dr. Munteanu herself specialises in this technique.  Although it is not suitable for all women, for some of her patients it does produce a significant breast reduction and an excellent breast shape, all with minimal scarring.

To find out which type of breast reduction is best for you please call one of our Patient Advisors on 03 9521 1777.