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What you need to know about Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery can be about more than reducing the weight and size of your bust for aesthetic reasons. At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery, we understand the decision to undergo breast reduction surgery can be an emotional one, so we are here for you every step of the way. For some of our patients, breast reduction surgery has reduced symptoms such as poor posture, neck pain and back pain, depending on individual patient circumstances.


Our approach to Breast Reduction Surgery

We aim to provide the highest standard of safety and care before, during and after your breast reduction surgery, which can be performed either as a Day Case at the fully equipped Day Surgery Centre or as an overnight stay.

Recovery typically involves wearing a postoperative bra for 3 months. We recommend no heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for approximately 6 weeks following surgery. Most of our patients return to relatively normal activity and sedentary work after 1 week.

All surgery carries risks which are important to understand so that you make a well-informed decision. Complications associated with a breast reduction include bleeding, infection, alterations in nipple sensation, inability to breastfeed in future, nipple/areola necrosis (loss of nipple and areola), poor scarring, wound breakdown, asymmetry, deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the legs) and anesthetic complications.

This listing is not all-inclusive and patients may be at risk for additional complications depending on their past medical and surgical history. A thorough discussion will occur during consultation with your surgeon including ways to mitigate risks prior to surgery and steps taken to treat complications should they occur.

Our Approach to Breast Reduction Surgery

1 / Reduce and reshape the breasts

The procedure not only reduces the size of your breasts but also improves the appearance of your bust by:

  • Restoring symmetry
  • Raising the nipples
  • Reducing the areola size to match the new breast

2 / Preserve breast function

Our surgical technique preserves the central part of your breast which is attached to the nipple. As a result, most of our patients have successfully breastfed following their breast reduction surgery.

Replenishing Shoulder Grooves

Many patients considering a breast reduction also find they have developed shoulder grooves due to the heaviness of their breasts and the bra strap.

At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery we offer an additional fat transfer procedure to this area at the time of breast reduction to fill these grooves.

What Breast Reduction actually feels like

We hope you enjoy the following animated story about a woman having a breast reduction.


It is a little ‘extreme’ (by our Australian standards!) but nevertheless some very good points are made. I personally love the part where she says that following her breast reduction operation she could put her nose into a book for the first time! It reminded me of a breast reduction I did very many years ago for a woman who had phocomelia. This is a condition where the limbs fail to develop and it was associated with the mother taking cancer treatment drugs during pregnancy. I was working in the UK at the time and there had been many young people born without limbs due to this condition. In this particular case the woman had no arms but could feed herself very adeptly using her feet. She was able to pick up a spoon with one foot and a bowl with the other, scoop the soup from the bowl and place in into her mouth! The problem was, after she reached puberty, her breasts grew to such a size that it was no longer possible for her to place her foot close to her mouth. The breast reduction operation enabled her to continue to feed herself!

Of course, not all cases are quite so dramatic! Many women just seek the increased comfort and sense of wellbeing that comes from having a smaller and more attractive bust.

– Dr Allan Kalus


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