Fixing a Botched Breast Augmentation

A Story of the Removal and Replacement of Implants

This young woman had a breast augmentation seven years ago. Textured silicon implants volume 420 mL were inserted by another surgeon. Her concerns were that the implants were too large. Also she suffered from fatigue and difficulty finding the right words which she called “brain fog”. The remedy was to remove the implants, do a breast lift and reconstruct her breast shape and volume by autologous fat transfer. This involved harvesting fat from her thighs and, following preparation, grafting 190 mL into each breast. Not only were we able to restore her breasts to normal but her symptoms of breast implant associated illness were almost gone a few weeks after her Explant surgery.

Unfortunately there are many women with significant breast deformity directly due to their breast implants. When combined with illness due to the internal inflammation that is caused especially by textured breast implants,  their condition can become quite debilitating. The implants must be removed and, if necessary, replaced not with new implants but with their own fat. If the breast skin has stretched, then a breast lift may be required.

Written by Dr. Allan Kalus