Implant-free Augmentation to Enhance Size and Shape

Does breast augmentation get any better than this? These before and after photos are of a woman who’s breasts have lost volume, while excess fat has formed in her abdomen.

Breast Augmentation using Fat Grafting (Fat Transfer)

Using our sophisticated technique of Fat Grafting (Fat Transfer), fat was harvested from her abdomen and, after preparation, carefully grafted into her breasts. The procedure was planned not only to increase her breast volume but also to improve her breast shape. This was achieved by adding fat to her cleavage and lower pole so that  her nipples were slightly raised.

The post-operative photograph is 6 weeks following her surgery. She is still wearing a compression garment on her abdomen but her breast result is now stable and shows a 2 cup size increase. More importantly, however, the increase is where it is most needed – in the cleavage and lower pole. Her breasts look and feel completely natural and are likely to increase in size as the transferred fat cells grow in the future.