Mr Kalus attends Adip’sculpt Fat Lipomodelling Symposium

On July 23-24 Allan Kalus attended a conference on Fat Grafting of the breast.

The conference was held at Darling Harbour in Sydney and a principal guest was Dr. Emmanuel Delay from Lyon in France. Dr. Delay is a leading advocate for Fat Grafting in  France both for breast augmentation and for reconstruction. In fact Rebecca Wyten spent two months working with him during her recent European tour.

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Dr. Delay confirmed much of what is known about Fat Grafting of the breast :-

  • Success depends on technique.
  • It must be done in an operating theatre under sterile conditions.
  • It is a safe procedure (17 years’ experience.)
  • There is evidence that it actually suppresses the growth of breast cancer!
  • It produces a natural augmentation of 1-2 cup sizes, depending on the amount of fat available.
  • Additional sessions can be performed if a larger size is desired.
  • It is very useful for the correction of breast deformities such as tubular breasts.
  • It can be performed in conjunction with implants to improve cleavage.

Fat transfer to the breasts is now one of the most commonly performed procedures at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery. Learn more or give us a call (03) 9521 1777.