Removal of Silicone Implants & Replacement with Your Own Fat

This morning I operated on two women for removal of their silicone implants and replacement with their own fat.

The first was a professional dancer from New York who had had her 350 cc silicone implants in for several years and had found that they were becoming painful. Fortunately her implants were intact and we were able to remove them and harvest sufficient fat from her thin body to provide an additional 140 cc of fat tissue to each breast. Following removal of her silicone implants, we can expect that her breast tissues will recover and the new fat cells should survive, flourish and grow into new breasts.

My second patient was a lady who had had saline implants for many years. For some reason, three years ago, she had them removed and replaced with 600 cc silicone gel implants. She told me that she had felt unwell ever since the implants were inserted and a recent MRI had shown that both implants had in fact ruptured!

At surgery it was indeed the case that both the implants had ruptured. This is extremely unusual after such a short time and I can only assume that the implants had both been damaged on insertion.

Following removal of her implants, fat was harvested from her tummy, hips and thighs, and I was able to replace her implants with 300 cc of fat in each breast, grafted into the actual breast tissue. Again, her breast tissue had been severely compressed by her breast implants. I expect that this will recover over the next few weeks and also her fat cells should grow to create new breasts.

Removal of silicone implants and replacement with your own fat is a highly specialised procedure and it is not unusual to hear patients saying that they were told that their best option was to remove the implants and to replace them with new implants! Fortunately, this is no longer the case as fat transfer to the breasts is a tried, tested and highly successful procedure.