The Magic of Breast Lift with Fat Transfer

Combining a breast lift with autologous fat transfer produces a truly magical outcome – especially for women whose skin has been stretched by large breast implants.

As an example, consider this 30 year old woman whose breasts have been deformed by her 350 cc smooth-walled silicone implants.  There is a prominent bulge in the upper part of the breast and her nipples are almost down to her elbows.  In addition, her cleavage is far too wide.  So, overall, not a good ambassador for breast implants!

Her reconstructive surgery consisted of removal of her implants and, rather than just replacing them with other implants, she had a breast lift combined with autologous fat transfer.  The breast lift acts as an auto augmentation moving her saggy breast tissue upwards into a more desirable position.  Some of her own fat is then used to enhance her cleavage and upper pole.  Her areolar size has also been reduced.  At 6 weeks post-surgery her scars are settling really well due to an intensive post-operative scar management regime.

What this case shows us is that it is no longer necessary to rely on breast implants to produce a beautiful breast.  A breast lift /fat transfer, when combined creates a magic of its own.