A Woman’s experience with Fat Transfer to the Breasts

We came across this blog recently about a woman having Fat Transfer to her breasts and we thought that we might share it with you.

The blogger writes about her experience with Fat Transfer and there are a few excellent points that she makes.

The first is that it is difficult to find out about fat transfer to the breasts because many women feel that it is very confidential and are reluctant to speak about it. This is true of all plastic surgery.  One is indeed fortunate if one can obtain a personal recommendation regarding a procedure from another person.

The interesting point about this woman is that she was quite thin and yet still had sufficient fat and still managed to achieve a worthwhile increase in size – what she calls a “Baby B”.  She says that she had only about “a small lemon size worth of fat to contribute to each breast”.  Nevertheless this enabled her to go from a small B to a large B which is exactly what she wanted.

This correlates very well with our experience at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery where we find that even thin women are able to achieve at least a half to a one cup size increase in breast volume.

The beauty of fat transfer, of course, is that it addresses this woman’s main concern and that is that her breasts should be “natural, natural, natural. Natural look and natural feel”.

This is the ideal role for fat transfer to the breast – women who desire a completely natural breast and are happy with a modest increase in size. If the size increase is upper most in your mind and you would like to go from an A to a C then implants may be your best option.

To learn more about how we approach Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting) click here.