Cosmetic Surgery and the Workplace Beauty Premium

Self-esteem Following Surgery

Those of us who know Mr Allan Kalus, are aware that, as well as being an eminent plastic surgeon, he is a husband and father of 3 daughters. His youngest daughter, Alicia, has a Masters of Economics degree from the University of Melbourne. As part of her degree she undertook a project to study the effect of facial cosmetic surgery on patients self-esteem and how it affected their work place. Her study has resulted in the publication of a scientific paper which has recently received a lot of attention.

Importantly, Alicia’s findings showed that changed self-esteem following aesthetic surgery influenced how people felt about their work.

The study is so important, informative and  relevant to people considering cosmetic plastic surgery that we publish a link to the article below.

Congratulations to Alicia Kalus and her team at the University of Melbourne.

Read the full article here