Breast Enlargement Using Your Own Fat

For many years surgeons have been reluctant to inject fat into the breasts for fear that it may result in lumps.  Recent studies have shown that fat injection into the breasts can tbe performed in a safe manner.

Fat is known to be very rich in stem cells. In fact, when one performs liposuction, 2% of the cells removed are stem cells.  If the fat is injected into the body, many of the fat cells will dissolve but this stimulates growth of the stem cells.  In addition, the stem cells are capable of differentiating into different types of body tissue.

Hence the term “stem cell breast augmentation” has been coined.

The procedure works in the following way:-

Fat is removed from the hips, thighs and tummy by liposuction.  Any excess fluid is  removed and the pure fat is injected into the breasts. Quite large volumes of fat can be injected and it is anticipated that most of the fat will survive.  There is usually enough to give about a 1 cup size enlargement in the breasts.

Will this procedure replace breast augmentation of the implants?  Probably not as the average woman seeking breast augmentation would like to go up at least 2 cup sizes.

However, for those women that do not want breast implants and would be happy with just a 1 cup size increase, then stem cell breast augmentation may be the answer.