Breast Implants Improve Quality Of Life

A recent study presented at the British Association of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting in London closely examined a total of 41 patients having breast augmentation surgery with breast implants. The patients completed a questionnaire both before and after their surgery and the results were that “satisfaction with breasts, psycho social wellbeing, and sexual wellbeing” were significantly higher following breast augmentation compared with before surgery.

This is not surprising as surgeons have long known that women have breast augmentation not only to look better in clothes but also to feel better about themselves. Many women who request breast augmentation have been very unhappy about their breasts for many years and this has caused problems in many areas of their life. This study showed that breast augmentation does not just increase the size of the breasts but also increases the quality of our patient’s lives.

An interesting point of this study is that more than 80% of women reported “significant improvement” in satisfaction in these 3 key areas. In fact, the gains in quality of life were considered very similar in magnitude to the improvement seen after hip replacement surgery.

Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure performed in the United States and more than 300,000 women underwent breast augmentation in 2011.