How To Get A Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

Achieving a natural looking breast augmentation is the desired goal for most women. And that’s where our expertise sits. We firmly believe women should walk away feeling happy, confident and better than ever after their procedure.

To ensure this happens for you, we recommend several steps you can take to achieve a natural looking breast augmentation that looks and feels perfect for you.

Define your version of natural

Firstly, talk to your surgeon and define your version of natural. Natural means something different to everyone; we suggest speaking to your surgeon about what you want including size, shape and feel. Don’t be afraid to explicitly explain the look you are trying to achieve.


Secondly, do a little research.

Find examples of the look you want to achieve. The more examples you find, the more likely you will be to understand and articulate what you want to achieve from the procedure.

We encourage our patients to share pictures of the shape and size they would like, so the patient and surgeon are working towards the same goal.

Fat Transfer

A fantastic option for a natural looking breast augmentation is fat transfer.

Breast augmentation using your own fat is the most popular procedure at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery. While gel or saline filled implants were previously the only method to augment the size of breasts, now we have developed a fat grafting technique to provide a safe, satisfactory and superior breast augmentation.

Fat transfer is an advanced technique whereby volumes of fat (from 100-400mL) can be safely transferred into the breasts to provide a permanent breast augmentation that looks and feels completely natural. It creates attractive, symmetrical breasts that are in proportion to your other features, and, in experienced hands, is far superior to breast augmentation with implants.

The beauty of fat transfer is the breasts look and feel larger while remaining soft and natural. Added to the natural outcome, there are several advantages to using your own fat, such as liposuction of the hips, thighs and abdomen which helps to balance your figure. There is also almost no scarring, as the fat is transferred by injection and tiny incisions are required. The result is permanent, meaning no follow up surgery is required.

Please feel free to get in touch with our specialists if you have any questions regarding natural breast augmentation.