Breast Implants: How to Avoid Poor Results

Breast implants can be life-changing. You may have decided to undergo surgery because you are unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts or want to restore fullness after childbirth. For such an important decision, you want the best possible results. However, the results you end up with may not always be what you hoped for.

Many considerations can impact the outcome of a surgery. To ensure you are more likely to end up with great results it is important to:

Consider all your choices

Breast implants are only one of the options available to you. If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, then you may first explore non-surgical alternatives such as counselling or bra padding.

If you do choose to undergo surgery, fat grafting is another way to improve breast shape and size. Fat grafting is a procedure where fat is taken from one part of the body and moved to another. It can achieve a very safe and natural looking result.

Educate yourself

It costs money to provide optimum care. If you are exploring cheap overseas or local surgery, then it is important to keep this in mind. A low cost should raise a red flag. It is important to check if the clinic is accredited, the surgeons, nurses and other staff’s qualifications, the standard of continuity of care and the track record of satisfied customers.

Stay local

Breast augmentation is the most sought-after overseas procedure. However, the value of local surgery cannot be underestimated. Surgery overseas may be cheaper, but it puts you at higher risk of a poor result. Choosing to have surgery performed locally means that your surgeon is easily accessible and has a reputation within the community. Registered hospitals in Australia also have high standards of health, safety and after-care so you know you will be well looked after.

Manage your expectations

To ensure you have a good experience with plastic surgery you must be realistic about your expectations and work collaboratively with your surgeon for the best results. It is important you do not consider surgery lightly and are doing it for the right reasons. Surgery can greatly improve your confidence, but it will not be able to make you look like your favourite celebrity. Furthermore, it is important to understand that all surgery comes with risks. This is just the nature of surgery. However, choosing the right surgeon for your procedure will help reduce and manage these risks.

If you are considering undergoing breast augmentation, then get in touch with our friendly team at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery. Our staff are highly-qualified and dedicated to giving you the best results possible.