Hybrid Breast Augmentation

At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery our aim, and the aim of our highly skilled surgeons, is to help you make the informed choice about your body to get your desired result. Every consultation is tailored to you, the patient, and that is why we offer a broad range of procedures to help you fine-tune what you want. One of these procedures is a hybrid (or composite) breast augmentation.

What is it?

A hybrid or composite breast augmentation refers to a breast enlargement procedure using both implants and your own fat, essentially a combination of two popular procedures. This hybrid procedure is now considered the ‘gold standard’ for women who want a substantial increase in breast volume but who do not have sufficient fat to achieve the desired result through fat transfer alone.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of adding fat to a breast implant in a breast augmentation procedure is that the fat can be placed strategically in the cleavage and around the implant to ‘soften the edges’ and give a far more natural look. Another advantage is that a smaller implant can be used since the result is not completely reliant on the implant alone.

Among our surgeons, there is no question that the safest way to perform a breast augmentation procedure is to rely completely on the transfer of the patient’s own fat. This is called an Autologous Fat Transfer. But this of course depends on the amount of fat that is available. Smaller implants are the next safest option. That is why a hybrid breast augmentation is especially suitable for women who are thin, have a bony chest, have a chest wall deformity such as an indented or prominent sternum and for women who want the more natural look that fat transfer provides but desire more volume than can be achieved by fat alone.

How is the procedure performed? 

If a larger size increase is desired then our surgeons agree the safest way to achieve this is to use a smooth-walled saline-filled implant placed behind the muscle. Fat is then used to enhance the cleavage and to provide additional cover below and to the side of the implant. This provides a beautiful cleavage and further reduces the risk of any palpable rippling in situations where the skin is very thin.

So depending on your body and your desired result, a hybrid breast augmentation, or composite breast augmentation, may be the ideal option for you, essentially allowing you to receive the benefits of both a breast implant and autologous fat transfer. To learn more about this procedure or your other options, book a consultation with us and begin your journey today.