Mums and Plastic Surgery

An article was recently written for CNN titled “Celebs and Civilians alike Expected to “Bounce Back” after Baby”.

This article reports an apparent surge in “post partum makeover”. In today’s society, more women are staying active after their pregnancies. Just like the active celebrity mothers that adorn magazine covers, the average woman want to look and feel great for her busy post pregnancy life. As many of these procedures can now be performed as a Day Case with a quicker recovery time, more mothers are considering plastic surgery as an option.

At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery the most common Mommy Makeover is to perform a tummy tuck with either a breast lift or a breast augmentation.

Once a woman has completed her family, she often finds that she has been left with excess skin in her abdomen. Often there are numerous stretch marks and the abdominal muscles may have stretched to the point where they are unable to be made firm by exercise alone. The tummy tuck operation removes all the skin and stretch marks below the belly button and utilizes the skin above the belly button to make a new tummy. The muscles are stitched together in the midline thereby improving the waistline. For many women this operation can be performed in about an hour. This relatively short operating time means that the procedures can be combined with other operations such as breast lift or breast augmentation.

If the breasts have sagged but there is sufficient volume (i.e. usually at least a C cup) then a breast lift alone is most appropriate.  In Australia, the breast lift operation is at least partly covered by Medicare if the youngest child is no more than 6 years old.

In cases where there is very little volume in the breasts (usually an A or B cup) then breast implants may be required to produce the desired shape.  Either silicone or saline implants may be used.  So long as the breast implants are placed beneath the pectoral muscles then the difference between silicone and saline implants is usually not detectable. Therefore most women opt for the safety of saline implants in this situation.

When performed in combination, a tummy tuck together with breast lift or breast augmentation surgery takes about 2 hours.  So long as the operation is performed first thing in the morning this provides plenty of time for recovery during the day and discharge home in the late afternoon or early evening. Many patients at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery choose this option as they enjoy the comfort and convenience of recovering in their own home. Of course all patients are seen the next morning in our post-operative clinic and the recovery time is 1-2 weeks.

Not surprisingly, some mothers with young families are reluctant to go home on the same day and prefer to enjoy a night of recuperation with their own private nurse at our overnight stay facility.