The True Cost of Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Buyer Beware!

Patients often come to us having received quotes from other practices for cosmetic surgery procedures.  It is a requirement that you have full financial disclosure before proceeding with any surgery.  This means that you need to know the exact costs of the following:-

  • The surgeon
  • The assistant (if applicable)
  • The anaesthetist
  • Implants
  • The hospital including bed, theatre and extras.
  • The GST if applicable

In some cases, claims can be made from Medicare and/or your health fund for at least part of the surgical, anaesthetic and hospital costs. This is when item numbers from the Medicare schedule apply. Cosmetic procedures are not covered!

Unfortunately a number of quotations from other practices that we have seen have failed to provide this information.  Specifically the cost of the anaesthetist is marked as “to be advised”.  In some cases this can amount to an additional $4000.00 of cost!

The hospital costs are also often given only as an “estimate”.  This means that the hospital can charge considerably more (often thousands of dollars) for a procedure which takes longer than expected.

At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery, because of our close association with the adjacent Windsor Private Hospital, we will always provide with you a precise total cost for your procedure which addresses all of the above before your surgery.