A Natural Facelift in Melbourne

How is a facelift performed?

At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery, facelift surgery is usually performed as a Day Case. This means that you have the surgery in the morning and able to return home in the afternoon.  Of course an overnight stay is available if desired. Most patients prefer the comfort of a general anaesthetic although a facelift can be performed under local anaesthetic and this does result in some cost savings.  The reason facelift surgery is usually performed under a general anaesthetic is that often other procedures are performed concurrently such as eyelid surgery (upper and lower blepharoplasty) and fat injections. The operation usually takes 1-2 hours and, with modern anaesthesia, your recovery is quite rapid.

What is the recovery after facelift surgery?

The first night after facelift surgery your face will be bandaged in order to provide pressure and minimize bruising and swelling. This bandage is removed the following morning when a lighter Velcro attached face form dressing is applied. If you have fat injections then it is likely your lips will be swollen for several days. The sutures are usually removed after 7 days by when most of swelling and bruising has settled. Most patients take 1-2 weeks away from work and important social engagements after facelift surgery.

What are the non surgical alternatives to facelift surgery?

There are many non surgical alternatives to a facelift promoted in the media but most are a waste of time! Threads, in particular, seem to only provide a lift for a few days!  I have never seen a patient who has been happy with the result of a thread lift! Often they report that the procedure was painful, expensive and did not produce a lasting result.

Skin tightening by the use of machines such as lasers and radio frequency devices may produce slight skin tightening after a number of sessions but should be considered an adjunct to facelift surgery rather than an alternative.

The reality is that if you desire to achieve a natural and long lasting result (you can test this by looking up into a mirror) then a minimally invasive facelift is less painful, often less costly and certainly longer lasting than  any of the alternatives.