Advanced Breast Lift Surgery

Whether your breasts have sagged following pregnancy or after weight loss, it is reassuring to know that your breast shape and volume can be restored in a totally natural way and without resorting to artificial breast implants.

If there has been loss of breast volume with only a little nipple sagging (i.e. the nipples are still pointing forwards) then only volume augmentation is required. This is best done by using your own fat in a process known as Autologous Fat Transfer. Fat is taken from hips, thighs or abdomen and, following preparation, carefully grafted into the breasts especially the cleavage and upper pole to restore lost volume.

If the breast sag is more severe (i.e., the nipples are pointing down) then the existing breast tissue needs to be repositioned and the breast skin tightened. This is known as Breast Lift or Mastopexy. Breast volume is then added as above using your own fat and taking a special care to enhance the cleavage and to provide the breasts with a natural shape.

At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery, we are the Australian experts at fat transfer, having introduced the procedure to Australia almost a decade ago and having performed many hundreds of successful procedures on patients from all over Australia. Our knowledgeable and skilled nursing staff would be delighted to answer any of your questions over the phone. The first step is deciding which operation is right for you.

Allan Kalus
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon