The Benefits of Day Surgery

An interesting article recently published by The Chronicle*, highlighted the large number of complications arising in Australian hospitals. In fact, Reports have recently revealed that one in four patients who go into a hospital in Australia and stay overnight suffer some type of complication.

At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery we are 100% committed to your peace of mind. We want our patients to feel safe and confident in lead up to surgery and a large part of that is our assurance that we are providing the safest and most low-risk approaches to surgical procedures and recovery plans.

We favour day surgery, a process where we conduct most of our surgeries and procedures as single-day cases, so our patients can recover in the security, privacy and comfort of their own homes. Our preference for day surgery stems from a number of reasons. We believe day surgery should be seen as the preferred choice both for the patient’s comfort, and for their overall safety and well-being. Reducing patients’ exposure to risks that can arise from overnight stays in large public hospitals, day surgery particularly minimises the risk of patients developing wound infections and deep vein thrombosis so is the safer option where possible.

It is the widespread understanding of medical professionals that day surgery also significantly reduces stress and anxiety patients may feel when undergoing surgery. Reducing the time spent away from home greatly adds to the comfort and convenience of the experience, and allows our patients to recover in all the comforts of their own space, with the support of their loved ones.

Avenue Aesthetic Surgery is situated adjacent to Windsor Private Hospital which has a reputation for excellence in Plastic Surgery. This hospital is fully equipped with operating theatres, recovery suites and the very latest equipment for the administration and monitoring of anaesthesia – so our close ties with the hospital and proximity to their facilities mean we are able effectively to provide safe out-patient day procedures, and are suitably equipped to mitigate risk of complication. Windsor Private Hospital has been in operation for over 25 years and consistently reports extremely low rates of infection (zero hospital acquired infections in the last 12 months) and other surgical complications.

Day surgery also has additional benefits, such as affordability. We understand that many patients would like access to plastic surgery procedures that are affordable. While we don’t compromise on our standard of care and we have only highly experienced, world-class surgeons on our team, our Day Surgery option means surgical procedures can be provided at a lower cost to patients than if they were to have to stay overnight for recovery.

As we favour day surgery, we have made it possible to offer the majority of our procedures as outpatient cases. We do of course allow patients to stay overnight in the comfort of our private hospital suites if they wish – should they be visiting from out of state, or just prefer to stay on in a hospital environment.

Avenue Aesthetic Surgery is committed to your peace of mind through the entire journey – this means we provide full and regular support throughout your recovery, with regular visits including a follow up visit the morning after surgery. We also include LED light therapy treatments in your recovery plan to minimise the appearance of any scarring. Most of our patients return to normal activity after just three days.

You can find more information about your patient journey here. Our friendly patient advisors are always happy to answer your questions – don’t hesitate to contact our Melbourne clinic on 1300 271 839 to arrange a consultation or find out more.


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