Chin Augmentation and the use of Chin Implants

Did you know that the fastest growing trend in plastic surgery in the United States among men and women is chin augmentation – otherwise known as chin implants.  The popularity of chin implants rose by 71% in 2011, more than breast augmentation, botulinum toxin injection and liposuction combined.

Researchers suggest that the trend appears to be fuelled by a combination of increasing use of video chats and an ageing baby boomer population.

The chin and jaw line are often among the first areas to show signs of ageing and people who see themselves while chatting on video links may notice that their jaw line is not as sharp as it used to be.
Another factor which is no doubt driving the increased popularity of chin augmentation is the availability of synthetic fillers (such as Voluma) which are specifically designed to be injected into the chin to provide a long-lasting augmentation.  Thus chin augmentation can be performed with a simple injection rather than by an operation.  This certainly has a great appeal.

Both chin augmentation and cheek augmentation using Voluma are extremely popular procedures at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery.

The following before and after photo is of a young woman who had a chin augmentation together with  Rhinoplasty surgery. The procedure was done as a Day Case at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery.