En Bloc Removal Of Silicone Breast Implants

Sometimes it is necessary to perform an En Bloc removal of silicone breast implants and their entire capsule.

This case involves a woman in her early 50’s who had breast implants inserted 17 years previously.  For several years, she had been experiencing deteriorating health which had progressed to the development of neurological symptoms including weakness and loss of balance. This was to the point where she was no longer able to walk and was using a wheelchair.  She had seen a number of specialist neurologists, but no diagnosis had been made.

Despite the fact that implant manufacturers state that there is no proven association between silicone breast implants and systemic disease, this woman was of the firm belief that her implants were making her ill.

Her implants were situated on top of her muscle and so it was decided to perform a total En Bloc capsulectomy and implant removal.




The pictures clearly show the appearance of the capsule as it was approached during surgery and its appearance still containing the implant when the capsule and implant were removed.

The implant was a textured silicone implant and the capsule was obviously thickened.

The capsule was sent for pathological examination including histology and bacteriological examination and it will be interesting to follow-up this woman to see whether her neurological symptoms improve.