Nose surgery and computer imaging

How will my nose look after nose surgery (rhinoplasty)?

Powerful computer software is available these days to provide “computer imaging”. After a photograph is taken, the photograph can be altered on the computer screen to show you how your nose is likely to look after surgery. Remember that this is a guide only as no surgeon can guarantee 100% accuracy!  Nevertheless, computer imaging is important because it often shows what needs to be done to produce a natural and balanced nose. For example, you may be concerned about a prominent nasal hump. The computer will show that once the hump is removed then your nasal tip will look large. It may therefore be advisable to reduce the nasal tip slightly in order to match your new nasal dorsum. Another way of determining how your nose is likely to look after surgery is to see before and after photographs of other patients who have undergone rhinoplasty. An experienced rhinoplasty plastic surgeon should have lots of before and after photos to show you and there is likely to be one with a nose very similar to your own.