Dr. Allan Kalus, Dr. Angie Taras and the team are pioneers in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

The Avenue Aesthetic Surgery team have developed a revolutionary approach to patient care that enables patients undergoing procedures such as breast augmentation, facelift surgery, rhinoplasty and abdominoplasty to return home safely on the same day as surgery. At other clinics, patients often spend several days in hospital recovering from their surgery. However, our pioneering Day Surgery system means that our patients are pain-free, nausea-free and mobile by the afternoon. We use the most advanced surgical and anaesthetic techniques to minimise your post-operative discomfort and to make your recovery as easy and rapid as possible.

Avenue Aesthetic Surgery is actively involved in research. Patients may be invited to participate in one the following 2 studies:

We are involved in a number of research projects with the Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research at Monash University. This research involves examining fat cells removed during breast reduction surgery to determine the cause and investigate treatments for breast cancer.


Avenue Aesthetic Surgery established the Centre of Aesthetic Surgery Education Research (CASER) in order to study the reasons why people undergo plastic surgery and the effect of plastic surgery on confidence, self-esteem and quality of life. We have discovered that, for many of our patients, plastic surgery can be a life-changing event!

We were recently involved in a University of Melbourne research study about how aesthetic plastic surgery affects patient self-esteem. It found that plastic surgery has the potential to enhance your self-esteem and positively impact on your life experiences including your work life.


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