The Do’s and Don’ts of Post-Op Recovery with Breast Implants

When it comes to recovery from breast augmentation with implants, closely follow your surgeon’s post operative care to avoid any unwanted side effects and to ensure your new breasts heal correctly.

Everyone heals in their own time, so take it easy, be patient, and rest.

Here are some of the post operative recovery process and instructions you might receive:

  • You may experience fatigue, and soreness during the first few days.
  • Your breasts may appear a bit larger than expected. While most post operative swelling should resolve quickly, your breasts can remain swollen and tender for a month or even longer. You could also experience a feeling of tightness in the chest area as your skin adjusts to your new breast size.
  • Immediately after surgery, you will be placed in a wireless post operative bra, this helps minimise movement and to maintain the pockets created for your implants. You will be advised how long to wear it.
  • Take your medication exactly as prescribed and contact your surgeon or nurse immediately if you have concerns about them.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or take unprescribed drugs for at least a week post surgery.
  • Wait until you see Nursing staff, the following day after surgery, before you take a shower.
  • You’re likely to feel disoriented and possibly nauseated until the anaesthesia wears off. Please organise a responsible adult to care of you for the first night after surgery.
  • Don’t drive for at least two days after surgery and until you have stopped taking the stronger pain medication as this may hamper judgement and co-ordination.
  • Avoid any strenuous activities for at least a few weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects, bending down and doing weights until you are cleared by your surgeon.
  • As our surgeons use implants that are smooth and not textured, patients can resume full activity earlier than with other implants. This is at about six weeks after surgery.
  • Most patients can resume work and physical activities after two weeks, starting with gentle walking. Returning to work may be sooner if it is not physically demanding.
  • Your surgeon may advise breast massage. Follow these instructions carefully.
  • Sleep and rest with your head slightly elevated. Usually this is for about a week and avoid sleeping in side positions.
  • Do not expose your breasts to sunlight until approved by your surgeon. Once you’re in the clear, ensure you use a broad-spectrum sunscreen.
  • Pregnancy and nursing after breast augmentation may cause changes in breasts that could lead to drooping. If you plan to get pregnant and/or breastfeed after receiving implants, please mention this to your surgeon well in advance of your surgery.

While the above are guidelines, we encourage clear, open communication with your surgical team. When in doubt, contact your surgeon!