Removal of Implants and Replacement with Fat

It is remarkable these days how many women are asking to have their silicone breast implants removed and replaced.  Sometimes they have had complications such as hardening or rippling, sometimes the implants are leaking, sometimes they suffer from a lack of energy with muscle aches and pains which they believe is due to their implants and sometimes they are just tired of having breasts that are too large.

Replacing implants with your own fat often provides the best outcome.  This will enable you to avoid implants altogether and have a softer and much more beautiful breast.

Here I show the before and after photographs of a woman who had her first implants at the age of 24.  Over the next 40 years she had her implants removed and replaced with other implants many times.  On this occasion her implants were removed and replaced with her own fat.  She was just so thrilled with this procedure.  She said that she didn’t feel smaller even though the implants I removed were 240 cc and the fat grafted was 210 cc.  She said that it felt so nice to have soft breasts again.  She also remarked that she had a lot more energy and was feeling generally a lot healthier since this procedure.

If one looks closely at the before and after photographs, one can see that the roundness associated with breast implants is gone and that the cleavage produced by fat transfer is far better and more natural.  Not only does she have an excellent result 6 weeks following her surgery, but she can expect her breasts to grow in the future to an even larger size.