Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty

Having performed several thousand Rhinoplasty procedures, I am often asked:
“What happens if I am not happy with the result?”
In capable hands, complications are rare following Rhinoplasty surgery. However, because the nose is highly visible in the centre of the face, even the slightest asymmetry or unevenness can be very distressing. Some people are very conscious of their nose and this self-consciousness can linger after surgery. The age of the “Selfie” has added to this problem!
After surgery the nose will be swollen and so it is necessary to wait for 6-12 months before making a decision to have a further correction. Usually this will be very minor and will be required to correct a slight persistent asymmetry of the nasal tip or unevenness of the bridge (where the hump has been removed). The revision may involve the injection of a small amount of collagen to stimulate the body’s own healing and to smooth out any irregularities. Together with other rhinoplasty surgeons, I have found this a very safe and useful method to enhance the result of a Rhinoplasty operation. Often only a single injection is required and we provide this service at no cost as part of our procedure.

Surgical Revision

These days it is very rare for us to have to perform a second operation on one of our own patients. However, we do see a lot of men or women who have had Rhinoplasty performed elsewhere where there has been inadequate resection either of the nasal tip or the nasal bridge and where additional surgery may be required to achieve an optimal outcome. In these cases we do careful computer imaging to determine exactly what is required and to show you what result you are likely to achieve.

This man was understandably unhappy with the result of his Rhinoplasty operation from another surgeon, so he came to us. After careful computer imaging he had a revision operation in which his nasal tip was raised, his nostril rim lowered, and his nasal profile straightened. He was much happier with this result, which was obtained by a closed revision Rhinoplasty.