Our Patients Benefit From Our Knowledge in the Advancements in Science

As the Practice Nurse at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery, I have to be an expert in all aspects of wound healing. Although my day to day work involves managing surgical wounds which have been beautifully sutured, occasionally I am asked to help with the management of a more severe traumatic wound.

This happened recently when a young professional woman had boiling hot water spilt on her chest accidentally at a restaurant.

When she came to see me she had a severe scalding burn affecting the upper part of her chest and extending down into her cleavage.  Understandably, she was very worried about the potential for permanent scarring in this area which is so often visible in normal female clothing.

I used all the methods at my disposal, including the application of a strong cortisone ointment to reduce inflammation, using LED Light Therapy to energise and supercharge the healing process, as well as applying a specialised dressing to the wound that protected the wound while at the same time allowing the free flow of oxygen to enable healing.

A large part of my role was to reassure this woman that the burn would heal well and that she would be likely to be left with no or minimal scarring.

How wonderful it was to see her again 6 months later and to see that the burn had healed without any residual scarring!

The outcome could have been so much different. The wound could easily have become infected. Even a slight delay in wound healing could easily have resulted in a prominent keloid scar in this part of the body.

The science of wound healing has progressed significantly in recent years and I work hard to ensure that all of our patients can benefit from our knowledge and experience. This is especially the case we graft a patient’s own fat into her breasts for breast enlargement and enhancement. Our science allows the fat cells to survive the transplant process and to flourish and grow inside the breast.