Rhinoplasty – What to Expect

At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery we have over 30 years’ experience with rhinoplasty surgery and are privileged to have helped many thousands of people to overcome self-consciousness about their nose.

This self-consciousness often begins in adolescence when the nose has a growth spurt and can appear too large for the face.  Friends and family are often the first to notice and this can result in teasing and self-consciousness, which can last well into adulthood.

Self-consciousness can be extreme and lead to behavioural changes such as never having a photo taken in profile and the feeling that people are staring at your nose.  It’s not unusual for these concerns to become a dominant factor in one’s life.

As in all matters, the first (and often hardest) thing to do is to seek help and advice.  At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery we start with an initial discussion about how your self-esteem has been impacted. This will help us identify what particular areas of your nose you are unhappy with and how we can best restore your confidence.

We then carry out sophisticated computer imaging. A photo of your face is placed on the computer screen and digital changes made to show how you would look with various parts of your nose altered.  Usually areas such as the hump, the tip and the length of the nose are seen to need correction. Seeing the changes made on a screen emphasises how important it is to achieve balance between all the parts of the nose and with the face.

When it comes time for your surgery, it’s reassuring to know that we have been doing rhinoplasty as a Day Case for over 25 years.  This means that you can go home on the same day as your surgery (actually after only a few hours!).  We have found that our patients recover much better in the privacy of their own home with the support of friends and family.

Because of our experience and skill, we are able to perform most rhinoplasties through what is known as the “closed approach”. This enables us to achieve great accuracy in the final result without any external scars.  In other words, the operation is performed entirely through incisions made on the inside of your nose. Using specialised instrumentation, we can obtain an excellent view and open access to the structures that need modification.  Because we keep your blood pressure low during the anaesthetic, bleeding and bruising are kept to a minimum and packs are usually not required.

You can expect to be seen the next morning when your nostrils are cleaned, and some drops put in the nose so that you can return to breathing normally.  There is a small nasal plaster which splints the nose for a week, so you may wish to avoid social engagements during this time, although you will be fully mobile and feeling well.

The nasal plaster is removed after 1 week when the shape of your nose is already visible.  Your nose will still be a little swollen, but this means the appearance will further improve over the next few months.

The main complication of rhinoplasty surgery is bleeding.  Should this occur, nasal packing will be required.  These days it’s extremely rare to have bleeding requiring nasal packing. However, we know that it’s associated with taking medications such as Aspirin or Nurofen and is also associated with excessive activity.

After the operation most patients say that there was no pain and minimal discomfort – a little like having a cold for a few days.  Our patients often remark that the whole procedure was much simpler than they had anticipated.