Satisfication and psychological welling improves following fat transfer to breasts

An recent article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal describes the experience of 80 patients undergoing removal of silicone gel implants with fat transfer to the breasts.

The volume of fat injected ranged from 300 – 600 ml per breast and for all patients only 1 injection session was sufficient to replace the volume of the previous implants. Patients were monitored for an average of 2 years and their complications included cyst formation in 5% and infection in 1%.

Responding to a questionnaire, 82% or patients were satisfied with their post-operative breast shape and 76% reported that psychological wellbeing improved as a result of the operation. Overall, 83% reported that they were satisfied with the procedure and would recommend the procedure to someone else.

The reason for implant removal was silicone leakage, capsular contracture and unnatural breast shape. The authors concluded the ideal candidate for fat transfer was women who desired a natural breast with a similar volume provided by implants.

The results of this study parallels that of our experience at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery. Removal of old silicone breast implants and replacement with the patient’s own fat is now possible in the one procedure and produces excellent results with high patient satisfaction.