The Safety of Day Surgery Compared to Hospital Surgery

A recent article appeared in the United States discussing the competition between hospitals and Day Surgery Centres, with the debate focusing on safety.

Officials of Day Surgery Centres states that they provided personal care in a less stressful environment than in the hospitals and the procedures are less costly.  They said that it had become increasingly common for women to have breast reduction surgery at a Day Surgery Centre.

One factor to emerge from the discussion was that patients should ensure that their Day Surgery Centre is Accredited.  This ensures the Day Surgery Centre has the same equipment and facilities as a hospital.  An out-patient surgery facility in Beverley Hills, California, conducted an extensive study of breast reduction procedures over an 11 year period.  This study of more than 400 patients having breast reduction as Day Surgery showed that the operation could be accomplished as safely as in a hospital.  The study found that “there was no downside and a huge cost savings”.

It is noteworthy that Mr Allan Kalus has been performing breast reduction at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery as a Day Case for more than 20 years.  In that time he has operated on many hundreds of patients with the majority being able to return home the same day.  Patients overwhelmingly prefer the comfort and safety of recovering in their own homes.  Hospitals are now known to be dangerous places.  In addition to the risk of contracting a dangerous infection, medication errors have become increasingly common.  The longer one spends in hospital the more likely one is to suffer some form of medical misadventure.  It is clearly in a patients best interests to return home as soon as possible.

Performing a breast reduction as a Day Case is not just a matter of sending the patient home the same day.  The system of surgery has to be different. The anaesthetic must be specifically tailored towards early discharge.  It is important that pain be either absent or well controlled with oral medication.  It is important that there be no nausea or vomiting.  It is important the patient be well enough to walk to the bathroom.  All these and many other criteria must be met before a patient can be discharged home safely.  It is also imperative that patients be seen the next morning so that their condition can be checked and their medication reviewed.

Avenue Aesthetic Surgery, having been established in 1991, pioneered such procedures as breast reduction, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), rhinoplasty, facelift and liposuction as Day Surgery.

With over 20 years experience Avenue Aesthetic Surgery is the leader in its field.