Update on PIP Breast Implants

Following public statements made by Mr Allan Kalus of Avenue Aesthetic Surgery regarding the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to assess the integrity of silicone breast implants, the Australian Government has provided a Medicare rebate for MRI evaluation for all women with PIP breast implants.

Breast MRI is the Gold Standard for assessing implant integrity. It is a specialty field of medical imaging and requires specialist radiologists with experience and expertise in the assessment of breast implants.

Australian women are eligible for a breast implant MRI if they have, or suspect that they may have, an implant manufactured by PIP. If you have PIP breast implants then it is important to know that your implants may have ruptured without any symptoms. The MRI scan will detect this rupture and this may influence future treatment. Avenue Aesthetic Surgery has never used PIP breast implants.  However, as one of Australia’s leading providers of breast implant surgery, Avenue Aesthetic Surgery is willing to assist women who have, or who believe they may have, PIP breast implants.

Benefits of having your PIP breast implants evaluated at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery.

We will arrange a breast MRI study for which you will be BULK-BILLED.

Your scan will be examined and reported by specialists radiologists skilled in the interpretation of breast implant MRI.

Your scanning will include detection of intra and extra capsular implant rupture as well as assessment of peri-implant spaces and regional lymph nodes.

Should removal of your PIP breast implants be required, then this can be performed in the most cost effective way.

Replacement of your PIP breast implants is available if desired.  There will be full discussion of your options such as whether the implants should be replaced in front or behind the muscle and the benefits of saline compared with silicone implants.

At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery we understand the distress suffered by women who have PIP breast implants.  All our staff are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with your concerns.

Please contact us on 03 9521 1777 to arrange an appointment.