Is there an association between breast implants & autoimmune disease?

When asking plastic surgeons this question, the general consensus is..

“There is no proven association between breast cancer and arthritis”.

As my practice includes many women who hare having their implants removed and their breast size and shape restored by autologous fat transfer, I am taking the opportunity to ask each of my patients whohave had their breast implants removed the simple question

“How do you feel in yourself following removal of your breast implants”.

It is interesting how many woman say that they are feeling just so much better following removal of their implants.

Today I saw a woman following removal of her 420 cc implants.  Following removal, she had a breast lift and autologous fat transfer in order to restore her breast shape volume.  When I asked her how she felt following removal of her implants she remarked that she had a sense of “general wellbeing”.  She told me that she “felt much better in myself”.  She volunteered that, while she’d had the implants in place, “I always felt sick”.  She told me that her “neck pain is gone” and she felt that she could “breathe easier” following removal of her implants.  She also told me that, 1 year following insertion of her implants, she was diagnosed with arthritis.  Her symptoms of arthritis have completely gone following removal of her implants.



Of course all this may be coincidence, but I do believe that as we learn to ask the right questions, we will discover what immunologists have long suspected:- and that is that breast implants can act as an “adjuvant” and trigger autoimmune disease.