What’s New With Breast Augmentation

At our recent Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Conference in Melbourne, we had a presentation from a surgeon who works in Dallas in the US.  He spoke about what was new with breast augmentation and it was interesting that our speaker’s experience in Dallas mirrors our own here at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery.  Here is what he said:

  • “The patient outcome and experience is optimised”.
    We have for many years been working on improving our patients experience of surgery.  Our aim is to make their surgery as much as possible like an enjoyable days outing!  It may seem strange but with modern techniques it is amazing how many of our patients say they actually enjoyed the experience of their surgery!
  • “ Fast track 24 hr recovery is a reality”.
    It’s all in the mind! We expect most  recovery to occur in the first 24 hrs.  In fact we encourage patients to move independently as soon as possible after their surgery. We expect”-
  • “Minimal pain”
    We use long acting local anaesthetic around the breast implant to provide most of the pain relief but also have at our disposable excellent medications which will relieve pain without causing nausea and vomiting.
  • “You should be able to pick up young children (less than 3 years) the day after surgery.”
  • “You should be able to drive a car the day after surgery”.
  • “Overall  we wish to make it a fun/easy experience”.
    We welcome your feedback on this!