To see how far breast augmentation has progressed in recent years have a look at the before and after photos below.

Clearly the woman has had a breast augmentation.  What size implants were used, you may ask?  As a surgeon I would say that about 200 – 225 cc Moderate Profile implants had been placed behind the muscle.  But then the cleavage is actually much better than could have been obtained by the use of breast implants.

So what actually occurred?

This woman underwent breast augmentation by single stage Autologous Fat Transfer.  Even though she is clearly very thin with limited excess fat available, we managed to transfer 175 cc of fat into each breast.  The fat was placed where it was most needed i.e. in the cleavage, in the upper pole and below the nipple to provide a little lift and increased projection.

I would submit that this result is better than could ever be achieved by breast implants.  What do you think?  Of course the procedure is a lot more technically difficult than just inserting breast implants.  The fat has to be carefully harvested in a way that preserves the viability of the delicate fat cells.  The harvested fat has to be prepared into a form ready for grafting.  Space has to be created in the breasts into which the fat can be grafted and, finally, the fat has to be strategically grafted into the breast in order to ensure survival without fat necrosis and lumpiness.

Compared with the insertion of breast implants, breast augmentation by Autologous Fat Transfer is a complex procedure and this is the reason why many surgeons prefer just to use breast implants.

The reality however, is that with appropriate care and attention, a beautiful all natural breast augmentation can be achieved, even in relatively thin women, with a single stage Autologous Fat Transfer.