Breast Lift

Are you concerned about sagging breasts?

Are you one of the many women whose breasts have lost their shape and sagged following pregnancy or weight loss?  If so, then a breast lift operation can help to restore the firmness and fullness of your breasts.

The Consultation

At your consultation with a plastic surgeon, the position of your nipples relative to the inframammary fold will be noted.  In the normal breast, the nipples are situated just above the inframammary fold.  If the breasts have sagged then the nipples have usually sagged below this level.  The volume of your breasts will also be measured and this will determine whether there is sufficient of your own tissue to provide the breast size that you desire.  In some cases volume will have to be added by means of an implant, while in other cases a little breast tissue may need to be removed.  The size of the areola is also assessed as this is often stretched.

The Operation

At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery in Melbourne, the breast lift operation is done as a Day Case. The operation is usually performed in the morning and you will be able to return home in the afternoon. You will next be seen  for a check at the surgery the following morning. The operation is usually performed under general anaesthetic although a local anaesthetic can be used in some circumstances.

Although the nipple has to be moved upwards, it is left attached to the breast tissue so that sensation is maintained. It is even possible to breast feed after a breast lift operation. The excess skin is excised and your breasts re-shaped. Some breast tissue can be removed or  an implant can be inserted to produce the size that you desire.

The breast lift operation takes about an hour and you should be ready to go home after about 4 hours. Any discomfort is relieved with pain relieving tablets. A firm bandage is applied for the first night but this is changed into a more comfortable bra the following morning. Most women are able to turn to normal activities after about 48 hours.

Sometimes a breast lift operation is performed together with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) – especially for women that have had babies and want to restore both their breasts and their tummy.


The cost of a breast lift is partially covered by Medicare and Health Insurance in certain situations

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