Choosing a Hospital for Plastic Surgery

Day Surgery is now widely accepted as the preferred way for patients to have aesthetic plastic surgery.  Not only is it safer than inpatient based surgery, with a far lower risk of infection and less exposure to adverse events due to agency nursing staff who may not be familiar with your procedure, but also because it is extremely cost effective.  Patients love being able to recover in the comfort of their own home.

To maximise the benefits of Day Surgery, it should be performed in a free-standing dedicated Day Surgery Centre.  This is because there is considerable expertise involved in Day Surgery, especially in expediting your recovery so that you are able to return home after only a few hours.

I currently perform all my surgery at Windsor Private Hospital.  This is a boutique private hospital with 2 brand new operating theatres and specially designed recovery areas.  It was originally called Avenue Day Surgery when I built it almost 30 years ago. At that time it was the first privately owned Day Surgery Centre in Australia.  Since our major rebuild it has been owned and operated by Nexus Hospitals who happen to be the largest operators of Day Surgeries in Australia.

In my role as Chief Medical Advisor, I am privileged to attend our Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) meetings when we meticulously go over all our data to ensure our standards remain high and indeed ahead of the rest.

I thought I would share with you some of the data and responses that we collect from all patients who come through our hospital.  The answers are a tribute to the dedication of our medical, nursing and administrative staff.

Q1. Did you have a clear understanding of all the information given to you at the time of booking your surgery? Yes 100%
Q2. Did you receive a pre admission phone call from Windsor Private Hospital nursing staff? Yes 96%
Q3. In relation to pain/oblique discomfort after your procedure, did you have?

None 33%


(slight not requiring medication) 22%

Moderate (relieved by medication) 44%

Severe (not relieved by medication) 0

Q4. In relation to nausea/vomiting after your procedure, did you have ?

None 84%

Slight (not requiring medication) 3%

Moderate (relieved by medication) 11%

Q5. Was the information regarding care of your dressings at home adequate? Yes 96%
Q6. If you required attention, did the nurse respond promptly to the call button? Yes 100%
Q7. Were the side effects of the medication prescribed explained prior to discharge? Yes 92%
Q8. Did you find the environment to be relaxing and sufficiently private? Yes 100%
Q9. How would you rate your care by reception staff? Answer – above average 89%
Q10. How would your care by nursing staff? Answer – above average 96%
Q11. How would you rate your care by medical staff? Answer – above average 96%
Q12. Compared to your expectations about the procedure, was your experience?

better than expected 78%

As expected 22%

Below expectation 0%

Q13. On discharge, did you feel confident in the process for aftercare? Yes 100%
Q14. If you had your operation again would you still prefer to have it as a Day Case? Answer Yes (or not applicable) 93%
Q15. Overall, during your stay at Windsor Private Hospital, did you feel cared for? Yes 100%
Q16. Would you recommend Windsor Private Hospital? Yes 100%

I think you will agree that these are outstanding results, unlikely to be bettered by any hospital in Australia. It should give all our patients a great sense of comfort and security to know that the first private Day Surgery Hospital in Australia is indeed the best Day Surgery Private Hospital in Australia.