An important Lesson on Saline Implants

Will my Saline Implants Grow Fungus?

A patient of ours recently found this image on google and called us out of concern, wondering if this will happen to her saline implants.


This photo from google shows fungus growth inside the implants!

Mr Kalus assured her this can never happen with our patients as we use a closed system in which the implants are filled directly from the sterile saline container using intra-venous tubing.

In the case shown, the surgeon must have filled the implants with saline that was exposed to the atmosphere (e.g. from a bowl) so that the saline was contaminated with fungal spores in the air! Not a good technique!

This highlights the importance of choosing a qualified Plastic Surgeon with experience and expert techniques.

Our surgeons at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery have extensive experience using both Saline and Silicone implants. Although both types of implants are available for use in Australia, there is no doubt that Saline implants are safer.

Below is a saline implant removed after 10 years (photo source: google). It is in perfect condition with no sign of fungus! Saline implants usually last well over 20 years.


Compare this with High Cohesive Gel Silicone gel implants removed after 10 years. (Image below source: google).


40% of Silicone Gel implants are leaking after only 8 years while some leak after only 2 years.

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Saline implants are our preference at Avenue Aesthetic Surgery. We also offer removal and replacement of silicone implants, click here to learn more.

Alternately contact us to speak directly to one of our experienced patient advisors on which technique is most suitable for you.