Trends in Plastic Surgery – Series 2: Facelifting (Facial Rejuvenation)

Are you considering a facelift or facial rejuvenation?

Our senior surgeon, Mr Kalus recently attended the Annual Meeting of The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which was held in Las Vegas in the United States.

There was a debate at the meeting about the various types of facelift operations.  All facelifts tighten the skin and most also tighten the underlying muscle (the so-called superficial musculoaponeurotic system).  The different types of facelifts differ mainly in the approach they use to tighten the muscle layer.

At the meeting it was agreed that there was no difference in results between the different types of facelifting operations!  This will come as a shock to many plastic surgeons who have long advocated extensive muscle dissecting and muscle cutting operations.  These operations are known to have extensive side effects.

In fact the single factor which most enhanced the result of a facelift operation was the use of fat grafting.  It is almost a matter of “the more fat, the better”.

This recognition that volume loss is more important than skin sagging as a cause of facial ageing has led surgeons to change their recommendations.

Most surgeons in the United States now perform a less invasive type of facelift operation (tightening the skin and underlying muscles) but then adding fat to the lips, nasolabial grooves, cheeks, temples etc.

There was even a description of the use of “nano fat” which is really just stem cells derived from fat tissue, to correct circles around the lower eyelids.

At Avenue Aesthetic Surgery, we have developed a minimally invasive approach designed to remove excess skin, tighten facial muscles add volume and, importantly, avoid risk of injury to the facial nerves.

Our Three Dimensional Approach to Facelift Surgery:

The key to natural total facial rejuvenation

We use your body’s natural fat to restore facial volume and enhance the appearance of the lips, cheeks and brows.

Our minimally invasive approach to tightening the skin and muscles provides easy and rapid recovery.

Our expert techniques minimise the risk of post-operative bleeding, bruising and scarring.

We avoid cutting important ligaments to avoid nerve damage.

Our minimally invasive technique is safer than traditional methods.

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