Recovery after rhinoplasty

Many of our patients (and their families) are surprised at just how easy their recovery has been following their rhinoplasty operation. We usually perform a minimally invasive, closed rhinoplasty, under hypotensive anaesthesia as a Day Case. Pain is negligible as we use long acting local anaesthetic and bruising is usually minimal.  Here is a photograph of a young woman 4 days after her rhinoplasty surgery. You can just see a hint of discolouration below her lower eyelids where her minimal bruising is resolving.

4 days post Rhinoplasty

Note that she is also wearing a small plaster splint just to protect her nose for the first week of her recovery.

The Result

But what about her result?  If we compare her pre-operative photographs with the photographs taken 6 weeks following her surgery we immediately see the improvement in her nasal profile due to removal of her bony nasal hump. We can also see a slight raising of the nasal tip.

If we look at her front on-view, we can see that her nose has been shortened just slightly and the tip made a little smaller. It is also evident that, at 6 weeks, the nose is still a little swollen. This is seen especially if we look at the bridge of her nose. We can anticipate that this swelling will slowly subside over the next 6-12 months so that her nose will continue to improve in appearance over this time.