The Perfect Rhinoplasty

I reviewed a young Solicitor this morning who had a Rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago.  I asked him about his experiences.  He said “there was no pain, no bruising and hardly any swelling”.

In other words his recovery was quick and easy.  This is as it should be with a modern rhinoplasty when we use minimally invasive closed techniques.  The whole operation takes under 1 hour and the anaesthetist is careful to keep the blood pressure low so that there is minimal bleeding and, therefore, minimal bruising and swelling.  We put long acting local anaesthetic into the nose so that there is no pain when you wake up from the anaesthetic.

But what about the result?  In this case our patient had a prominent hump due to enlarged nasal bones.  The nose was also long and the tip was what we describe as “over projecting”.

Following the surgery the hump was gone and the whole nose was smaller so that, on profile, the nose was straight with a very slight rise to the tip.  My patient was very happy with the result but I could tell that there was still a small amount of swelling and that the nose would improve even further over the next 6 months as the swelling settled down.  

Our patients are men and women of all ages, and although all surgery does carry risk, all comment on how their procedure was a lot less “traumatic” than expected.

Our concerns for patient privacy prevents me from showing photos. However during your consultation you will be shown lots of photos-including on the day of surgery and the next day, just to show how little “trauma” is involved.

Dr. Allan Kalus.

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.